Floriol_Mood Food


Social Media has completely changed the way we eat. Food stopped being about taste Instagram is responsible for changing the focus, from taste to looks.

The #food hashtag has more than 250 mil. hits, while #foodporn registered 160 mil. In other words, food has become a form of self expression, embraced by everyone, from hipsters to housewives. This trend led to a surge in sites, apps, blogs, online platforms, chock full of recipes.

Floriol, the romanian oil brand, also wanted to cater to its milennial target, that was looking for cooking inspiration, but it didn’t want to launch just another recipe app based on technical stuff, like time or ingredients.


Because our target consumes content that reflects their mood, we designed an app that offered them recipes based on what they were feeling: Mood Food.

Lazy. Happy. Melancholic. Dreamy. We had recipes for each one of their moods. All they had to do was input it in the app and a recipe would then pop up.

The Mood Food app got excellent reviews from bloggers, was downloaded 10.000 times, reached third place in lifestyle apps in Google Play and was featured in its popular apps.



When our athletes win competitions, we have nothing but praise for them. However, if they fail to satisfy our expectations, we blame them and eventually, forget about them. All of this because it's a lot easier to appreciate performance based on top rankings, than through the effort it takes to get into these competitions.

With the Tokyo Olympics coming up in 2020, BCR and COSR wanted to shift fans’ perspective on what it means to be a true supporter, by helping them encourage Romanian athletes for the hard work they put into their training.


We launched a mobile app that enabled fans to cheer for their athletes while they were training.

BCR „Hai Samurai!” mobile app integrated the FitBit Ionic tracker app and provided the users with stats from the athletes workout routines.

Fans could send their virtual “applause” using the app, in order to show their support for the Olympic athletes that will be part of Romania’s team in Tokyo 2020.



Dorna wanted to offer its support to premature born children by donating medical equipment to maternity units through Save the Children.

They launched an integrated campaign with a strong Facebook component, where people were asked to show their support by reacting to the campaign’s posts with heart emoticons.

The goal was to raise 100.000 heart emoticons in exchange for Dorna’s donation of incubators to Save the Children.


To amplify the message and gather audiences support, we’ve build a photo booth, present at Dorna’s events, that allowed users to symbolically offer their hearts to this cause, through hand hearts.

In the booth we installed a screen that used Microsoft Kinect technology, which tracked the user’s hand movement and snapped an instant photo of this symbolic moment.

The campaign successfully raised awareness and support from the public and Dorna made a donation of over 500.000 euros and medical equipment to 40 maternity units.



CRPE, EFOR and Freedom Hose Romania wanted to communicate the result of their research on corruption in state-owned companies but they faced a challenge.

Romanians perceive corruption at an abstract level because they are unaware it has an immediate impact on their lives and well-being. So we had to make them understand that corruption robs them of their time, health, comfort and many other invaluable things.


Based on the insight that when you are being robbed, the 1st thing you do is check OLX.ro and other classifieds sites, we developed and online platform that mimics a buy and sell site: Furat.Shop (Stolen.Shop)

We first assigned each of the cases provided by the NGOs to a category that described better what was stolen, based on the defrauded company’s profile: air, time, growth, comfort and good mood. Then we placed the cases on our platform as classifieds, uploaded by the robbers.

In the first week after being launched, Furat.Shop had almost 20,000 unique visitors, 60,000 visits, and an average time on site of nearly 2 minutes, with zero promo.

_România zâmbește la volan


January is one of the most depressing months of the year. The holiday cheer is slowly replaced with a general bad mood caused by vacation debts and having to go back to work while facing an infernal traffic.

Petrom wanted to cheer people up and put them in a good mood, with the ultimate goal of making the traffic a bit more bearable.


To make people lighten up, we partnered with two Romanian comedians and we did four shows, livestreamed from a car, on Petrom’s Facebook page.

For each livestream, Petrom’s fans choose the topics on which the comedians made jokes. The campaign was amplified on Facebook through a series of teasers.

The results were outstanding. 4200 new fans. 50.000 engaged users. 227,8 thousands of minutes viewed. In the 4th broadcast, 1221 viewers watched the livestream at one point.



Sugus, a once popular candy brand, had become increasingly irrelevant to its core target, children.

We were given the task to come up with a creative approach that would help Sugus reconnect with digital natives and redefine „fun” for its forever changing audience.


For kids nowadays, vlogging is how MTV used to be for their parents: a source of day to day inspiration. They follow vloggers, they copy them and they aspire to be one of them.

Therefore, we launched Rock the Vlog, a campaign where Sugus encouraged kids to become vlogging idols, instead of only being followers. Six famous vloggers challenged kids to come up with #supermegaextradifferent video content. Kids had to choose the vlogger they wanted to compete with and create original content, for a chance to win vlogging equipment and glory.

The campaign won Silver at Internetics, the online advertising festival, in Communities category.